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IVI Global Macro Fund

Our Liquid Discretionary Global macro Fund

Introducing IVI

Fund Overview

IVI Capital Management is a division of global macro veterans with decades of experience managing risk across cash and derivative markets. They deliver a discretionary macro strategy with a discrete systematic process to invest capital in liquid global markets whilst leveraging their specific expertise in trading volatility as an asset class to meticulously structure portfolios to express themes with optimal payoff profiles.

The strategy is focused on generating uncorrelated returns and creating alpha irrespective of market conditions. Historically it has produced especially strong returns during equity market downturns and periods of elevated volatility.


The strategy employs a time-tested and repeatable process combining top-down thematic macro conditions and bottom-up fundamental, technical and quantitative analysis to identify Ideas, Validate the opportunity set, and Implement through optimal trade structuring and risk management.


The overall portfolio reflects the Team’s strongest themes holistically across asset classes. Additional alpha is generated by employing relative value and volatility-based expressions of trades where relevant, in contrast with traditional macro managers who are typically “linear” in their trade expression style.


Founder Biographies:

Ken Tremain, Chief Investment Officer. Ken has over 35 years of financial services industry experience covering trading, trading management, and investment management at organisations such as Merrill Lynch, Salomon Brothers and Citigroup, and has extensive experience managing multi-asset cash and derivative portfolios.


Bart Brooks, Portfolio Manager. Bart has over 20 years of buy and sell side global macro portfolio management and business development experience at BlueCrest Capital, Barclays and Societe Generale. Bart has a record of delivering returns across market cycles through a combination of his relative value approach and derivative product expertise. 


Chris Eagle, Head of Strategy. Chris brings 25+ years of experience in trading, sales and management roles across asset classes and focuses on thematic creation and portfolio construction for the IVI portfolio management team. He has held senior roles at Morgan Stanley, UniCredit and Jefferies.


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