Re-engineering the industry from the ground up to focus on who matters most - our investors

Where are the investors' yachts?

Investor profits have long been leeched away in a myriad of fashions while Wall Street players profited. No more. AI is built on the fundamental premise that the returns of our clients must always be our paramount objective. We firmly believe that if we hold true to this, we will be adequately compensated.


In order create the greatest possible degree of cost efficiency, AI is pushing the adoption of technologies to reduce our overhead and pass savings to those who matters most - our clients.

Mining Alpha

AIpha is a scarce commodity that has become difficult to find in traditional places. The AI team has the broad-based knowledge and experience to identify alpha in less followed strategies, and the global network to find it worldwide.

About Alpha Innovations

Alpha Innovations (AI) is a cutting-edge asset management platform, designed to provide uncommonly attractive investment options that inspire investors to put their capital to work. The fundamental premise upon which the firm is built is that the needs of the clients must always be paramount. Creating and preserving compelling returns for our investors is our unwavering imperative. Alpha Innovations is custom-engineered to solve the issues which interfere with achieving that imperative and which make investing in traditional asset management funds unappealing to fiduciaries, including:

Lack of custody and control of assets

Inadequate transparency

Layering of fees  

Embedded market beta and fees on that beta

Excessive 3rd party fees

Lackluster risk management and oversight

Large fund size bias

Fund governance issues

The AI team is composed of individuals from some of the world’s most highly respected financial firms, including Goldman Sachs, Point72, Balyasny, Morgan Stanley, and Ernst & Young. Beyond illustrating AI’s commitment to excellence, the team has been strategically constructed to have the depth of knowledge and experience required to create solutions for asset management’s legacy problems.

The AI platform will consist of a diverse suite of funds that are designed to provide institutional investors with an array of independent alphas. With thousands of fund managers globally, running what are in many cases complicated investment strategies, it is extremely challenging to find top managers and determine if they are capable of producing persistent alpha. The AI team has decades of success assessing the alpha generation capabilities of top investment talent at premier investment firms and constructing portfolios of these elite performers. Alpha is a scarce commodity, but with experience, skill, creativity and hard work, we can identify the alpha in strategies, isolate it, and deliver it in a cost-efficient manner for our clients.

Alpha Innovations Ltd. is regulated in in the U.S. by the CFTC/NFA as a Commodity Trading Advisor, is licensed to conduct Investment Business by the Bermuda Monetary Authority under the Investment Business Act 2003 and is an authorized Investment Manager by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Meet our Team

AI is bringing together leaders from the asset management and technology industries for one purpose: disrupt the current model in order to empower our investors to earn compelling returns for them and not Wall Street.
Lawrence C. Newhook

Lawrence C. Newhook

President and CEO

Lawrence Newhook is a veteran investment professional with a 20+ year track record investing globally across all asset classes. He has built successful investment and hedge fund portfolios for the pension, family office, and high net worth investor communities, with a particular focus on identifying and extracting sources of alpha from both public and private markets.

Lawrence serves as the President and CEO of Alpha Innovations, where he oversees all facets of the business, including product innovation, alpha identification, and risk management.

Nicole L. Biernat

Nicole L. Biernat

Chief Operating Officer

Nicole Biernat has over two decades of experience in the alternative asset management industry, encompassing operations, investor relations, strategic business development, due diligence, and marketing.

Nicole brings to bear her extensive network of industry professionals and broad-based experience with the products and service providers in the industry in creating and managing the infrastructure of Alpha Innovations.

Dr. Mark Antonio Awada

Dr. Mark Antonio Awada

Chief Risk And Data Analytics Officer

Mark Antonio Awada's distinguished career spans finance and academia. He has held leadership and executive roles at blue chip investment banks, and also managed capital at both a global investment firm which he founded and also at a top tier hedge fund. His academic background is in theoretical physics, and included post-doctoral research with Dr. Stephen Hawking as well as subsequent professorial positions at US universities.

In his role as Chief Risk and Data Analytics Officer at Alpha Innovations, Mark Antonio oversees risk and performance analysis at multiple levels, for the purpose of understanding and prudently limiting risk, as well as proactively using this data to improve performance.

Gene Fisch Jr.

Gene Fisch Jr.

Chief Financial Officer

Gene has enjoyed 12+ years working at top tier firms on both the buy and sell sides of Wall Street. He was one of a two person team that created the first global offshore hedge fund at Furman Selz, which invested in equity and debt products worldwide across 10+ currencies, and produced extremely strong returns in spite of a down market. This led to a position as a sell side equity research analyst, where he garnered All American peer votes across numerous sectors. Later Gene was a leader of one of the first groups to consummate strategic partnerships between the United States and mainland China.
Those experiences have assisted in creating a myriad of projects which include accomplishments in the fashion industry; a partnership with one of the world’s biggest philanthropists for the worldwide distribution of a lifesaving medication; and the co-founding FS Capital, which produced superior performance relative to its peers though investing the equities market.
Mr. Fisch holds a BS in Business Economics from SUNY, an MBA from Adelphi University (specializing in International Business) and a Masters in Engineering (specializing in Logistics) from MIT. Gene was one of a select few to study 90 credits in one semester at MIT, while simultaneously doing additional coursework at Harvard. He is an Ironman Finisher, works with athletes that are visually impaired or have suffered brain trauma, and has spent the best days of his life as a weekly volunteer with the Thursday night team at the Ronald McDonald House. Most recently he was awarded the “Best Instructor” (2018) award at Stevens Institute of Technology where he was an adjunct professor teaching Engineering Technogenesis and Entrepreneurial Thinking.

Sean W. Pitcher

Sean W. Pitcher

Director of Finance

Mr. Pitcher recently joined Alpha Innovations as Director of Finance and Interim Chief Compliance Officer. His responsibilities include oversight of accounting and financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting, compliance, regulatory requirements, and negotiating competitive terms and managing relationships with various service and infrastructure providers. Mr. Pitcher identifies and drives areas for improvement across all processes, procedures, controls and systems to develop an accurate and efficient platform to support the company’s aggressive growth strategy to meet investor expectations.

With over ten years of experience in the asset management industry Mr. Pitcher brings a wealth of knowledge of corporate finance and financial markets to Alpha Innovations. Prior to joining Alpha Innovations Mr. Pitcher worked in finance and investment roles for a London Stock Exchange listed specialty re/insurer and a Bermuda based hedge fund manager. Mr. Pitcher began his career in financial services at Ernst & Young in Bermuda where he qualified as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). Mr. Pitcher graduated from the University of Guelph, Canada with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree.

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