AI Webinar Series: From Fantasy Island to Reality Bites

We would like to invite you to a webinar hosted by the managers of the IVI Global Macro Strategy, Ken Tremain and Chris Eagle. This will be held on Thursday 9th February at 11 am EST and hosted by Lawrence Newhook, CEO of Alpha Innovations.

The IVI Macro Strategy has consistently produced positive returns whilst maintaining a negative correlation to both equity and fixed income markets, other major asset classes and peers. Utilizing IVI’s time-tested discretionary macro approach combined with a systematic investment process, the strategy generated a compounded return of +26.87% net of fees and expenses in 2022 with a Sharpe ratio of +2.7, in contrast to the SP500 total return of -18.11%.

Topics Overview: Major Central Banks have adopted an increasingly hawkish stance over the past 9 months in response to rapidly rising inflation. Since October 2022 global asset markets have performed well with financial markets concluding softer economic and price data is a sign inflation has peaked. Coupled with positive narratives of China reopening, European energy prices falling, robust labor market data and an impending pause in Federal Reserve rate hikes, the market has ascribed a high probability to a “soft landing” for the global economy and allocated capital accordingly.

This “Fantasy Island” outcome is far less likely in IVI’s view, and presents both challenges and opportunities for investors going forward for when “Reality Bites”.

Join us to hear the IVI team’s insights through their lens as Global Macro specialists with decades of experience, and to participate in the Q&A.

We look forward to seeing you there!