AI Global Investors Partners with Veteran Team of Goldman Alums

Anchorvest Capital joins AI Global Investors' investment management platform

Asset management firm AI Global Investors (USA) LLC (“AI”) today announced the onboarding of Anchorvest Capital (“Anchorvest”) to AI’s New York-based asset management platform. The Anchorvest team members bring broad-ranging expertise including investment banking, fixed income, mortgage-backed securities, venture capital, and cross-border investing from venerated firms such as Goldman Sachs and Dodge & Cox. Senior members of the Anchorvest team include Linda Chong, Janny Lee and Suok Noh.

“Suok was focusing on investing his family office assets after spending 25 years heading various groups for Goldman, Linda was a senior portfolio manager at Dodge & Cox, and I was a managing partner at a prominent private investment firm, but ever since leaving Goldman we have all really wanted to work together,” said Janny Lee, Managing Partner of Anchorvest. “As we have been seeing compelling opportunities to capitalize on select investments that can provide strong, uncorrelated return streams and flexible liquidity, we decided to pulled the trigger and finally launch Anchorvest,” continued Lee. 

While the Anchorvest team is experienced in all facets of the asset management business, they decided to partner with AI so they would have institutional infrastructure from Day 1 rather than spend the time to build it out anew. AI provides operational and regulatory compliance support, finance, technology, and fund governance, as well as assistance with marketing and investor relations. “We liked AI’s team approach—having an additional set of highly experienced professionals to help us on a day-to-day basis and work through unique situations as they arise has been invaluable—but the deciding factor was the economies of scale that the AI platform provides. We wanted to preserve as much of our returns as possible for our investors, and AI’s platform provided a significant cost saving to pass along to our investors,“ explained Suok Noh, Managing Partner of Anchorvest. 

The first strategy Anchorvest has deployed invests in short duration private credit, an area that hits solidly within the team’s field of expertise. “Investors have had to increase risk and go further out in duration in order to obtain a reasonable return in fixed income; however, we identified a niche opportunity that is highly risk-mitigated, produces multiples of what most other short duration credit investments are returning, and is uncorrelated to the markets,” explained Linda Chong, Managing Partner of Anchorvest. “We are pretty excited to be able to provide a better option for those who are seeking to maintain fixed income exposure,” added Chong.

Anchorvest will offer the short duration private credit strategy as well as future strategies to come via both separately managed accounts and investment funds on AI-affiliated fund platforms. “We are proud to work with such an accomplished and highly pedigreed team,” said Lawrence Newhook, CEO of AI. “We seek partnerships with portfolio managers who have the expertise to capitalize on niche, off-the-run strategies, where there is still alpha to be had. Anchorvest’s broad-based experience provides a solid foundation for identifying and executing upon profitable investment ideas,” added Newhook. 

About Anchorvest Capital and AI Global Investors (USA) LLC 
Anchorvest Capital is a division of AI Global Investors (USA) LLC, a New York-based investment advisor and commodity trading advisor which provides turnkey asset management support to a growing number of best-in-class investment management teams. Founded in 2019, the company is a subsidiary of Alpha Innovations Ltd., which is a global asset management firm designed to provide institutional investors and high net worth individuals access to diverse sources of true alpha. The core team consists of talent from blue chip firms including Point72, Balyasny Asset Management, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley. Alpha Innovations Ltd. was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Bermuda. It serves as the Platform Manager of the Laureates fund platform and Investment Manager of the Alpha Innovations ICAV. 

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