AI CEO at Waters USA Conference

Alpha Innovations’ CEO and CIO, Lawrence Newhook, speaks on the blockchain fireside chat alongside Anthony Malakian from Waters and Howard Bush, Principal, Banking & Capital Markets Lead, at Microsoft. The focus was on the implmentation of adoption of blockchain technologies within established industries, inlcuding asset management.

AI CEO Speaks at Beryl Elites Conference

Alpha Innovations’ CEO and CIO, Lawrence Newhook, participated on the Blockchain panel at the Beryl Elites Alternative Investment Conference Nov. 5 in New York City. The panel was hosted by John D’Agostino from DMS Governance and also included Mike McGlone from Bloomberg and David Tawill from ProChain Capital. The focus of the panel was on the impact of distributed ledger technologies on the asset management industry and the growth of digital assets.

AI Meets with Bermuda Premier

Last week, at Hub Culture’s Liquidity Summit, we had a great conversation with Bermuda’s Premier, David Burt. We discussed his vision for Bermuda and how Alpha Innovations and Laureate Digital Securities fits into his plans for the regulated investment funds and blockchain industries in the country. The talent pool is deep in Bermuda for firms like ours to draw upon and we’ve been thrilled with the quality of the local candidates that we’ve interviewed thus Read more…

Point72, Balyasny Vets Launch Firm That Only Wants Alpha

Today’s Institutional Investor story covering Alpha Innovations. Point72, Balyasny Vets Launch Firm That Only Wants Alpha Using blockchain, a start-up aims to mine talented portfolio managers and leave behind the generic beta.  

Former Point72, Wall Street Executives Launch Alpha Innovations

Global Asset Management Firm with Blue-Chip Pedigree Establishes HQ in Bermuda; Will Leverage Blockchain to Reduce Risks and Fees Within Regulatory-Compliant Framework HAMILTON, Bermuda (PRWEB) October 17, 2018 Alpha Innovations Ltd. (“Alpha Innovations”), a global asset management firm, today announced its official launch and the establishment of its headquarters in Bermuda. The firm’s leadership team has decades of experience in asset management, institutional investing, and fintech from such blue-chip firms as Point72, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Read more…

Lawrence C. Newhook

President and CEO

Lawrence Newhook is a veteran investment professional with a 20+ year track record investing globally across all asset classes. He has built successful investment and hedge fund portfolios for the pension, family office, and high net worth investor communities, with a particular focus on identifying and extracting sources of alpha from both public and private markets.

Lawrence serves as the President and CEO of Alpha Innovations, where he oversees all facets of the business, including product innovation, alpha identification, and risk management.

Nicole L. Biernat

Chief Operating Officer

Nicole Biernat has over two decades of experience in the alternative asset management industry, encompassing operations, investor relations, strategic business development, due diligence, and marketing.

Nicole brings to bear her extensive network of industry professionals and broad-based experience with the products and service providers in the industry in creating and managing the infrastructure of Alpha Innovations.

Ophélie C. Chou

Chief Marketing Officer

Ophélie Chou has a background in finance, media relations, and building businesses. While in investment banking, she covered Fortune 500 clients in the industrials sector for the largest bank in the world based on total assets. She also due diligenced potential investment targets for China's largest full-service investment bank. She has relationships with 3000+ mainstream media organizations in the US and China, and an extensive network across the US, Europe and Asia which she is leveraging to identify investors, strategic partners, and potential portfolio managers for Alpha Innovations.

Dr. Mark Antonio Awada

Chief Risk And Data Analytics Officer

Mark Antonio Awada's distinguished career spans finance and academia. He has held leadership and executive roles at blue chip investment banks, and also managed capital at both a global investment firm which he founded and also at a top tier hedge fund. His academic background is in theoretical physics, and included post-doctoral research with Dr. Stephen Hawking as well as subsequent professorial positions at US universities.

In his role as Chief Risk and Data Analytics Officer at Alpha Innovations, Mark Antonio oversees risk and performance analysis at multiple levels, for the purpose of understanding and prudently limiting risk, as well as proactively using this data to improve performance.